Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’ve compiled a list of popular questions we get from users who wish to sign up for the Tickmill VIP Room. Please read through them carefully – we’ve broken them down into different sections to help you better filter them.

FAQs (General)

The Tickmill VIP Room is basically a private live trading room where traders can:

  1. Practice their analysis while letting our dedicated team of top-tier traders vet it.
  2. Get access to high probability analysis and signals produced by our pool of top-tier traders.
  3. Request for our analysts to look into a particular instrument for you (eg. "can someone take a look at EURUSD short term for me?")
  4. Practice your technical analysis skills with our proprietary chart-to-text linking technology (eg. "Am I drawing this trend line correctly?")

If you have a live Tickmill account, you'll get the first month access for free. 

To maintain free access, you'll need to open an account with minimum $1,000 with our Introducing Broker code (IB).

Otherwise, it cost $380/month to have full access into the Live Trading Room.

We review account deposits every 3 months. As long as you maintain a minimum of $1,000 in your account, you will continue to have access.

FAQs (Getting Activated)

Go ahead and register your account here. It's free and will give you basic access into the Tickmill VIP room.

In the VIP room, there is a channel called #Free-Trial. Just drop anyone a message there saying you have a live Tickmill account and you'll get free 1 month access after being verified.

In the Tickmill VIP Room, go to the channel called #Full-Activation and Direct Message anyone there letting them know you have created and funded a minimum of $1,000 under our IB.

We should be able to get to you within 8 hours.

FAQs (Account Tiers)

Silver tier: you get to see the analysis and signals we post + ask questions on them.

Gold tier: you get special access to a channel called #consultation which allows you to have a one-on-one conversation with our pool of top tier traders.

A deposit of $1,000 for the silver tier.

A deposit of $10,000 for the gold tier.

You will see the title above your name.

We do checks every 1 month. As long as the balance every 1 months is above the minimum requirement, we will let you keep access 🙂

Nope, you'll get banned for trying to cheat the system 🙁

Yes you can - just remember that we check every 1 month to adjust access.

Yes, we have a platinum tier for those who fund $50,000. You'll get really special attention from our award winning traders if you have this tier.

FAQs (Getting Support)

Yeah! Drop us an email at

Yeah sure! We prefer whatsapp so drop us a whatsapp message at +6593361245