The free version of this indicator allows you to use it unrestricted on 3 of the most popular currency pairs: AUDUSD, USDJPY and GBPUSD. If you find it useful, please support The Forex Army by getting the Full Version.


The MT4 Support and Resistance indicator started off as a really ambitious project to create an indicator that actually filters out the best levels across multiple timeframes effectively. Through countless feedback from the community, we have built a truly amazing indicator that has helped countless traders become more profitable.

V5 | June 2020:

  • Added in the full range of multi-timeframe toggles
  • Added in ability to overlap timeframes on top of each other
  • Fixed bug with the sensitivity setting
  • Improved accuracy of area detection
  • Added in individual settings for each timeframe
  • Added in smart setting recall function when toggling between timeframes

V4 | February 2020:

  • Added in 3 timeframes (H1, H4, D1)
  • Speed optimization with multiple timeframes loaded
  • Fixed bug with colours when more than 4 levels overlapped

V3 | August 2019:

  • Added in strength toggle to filter out single levels
  • Added in sensitivity settings GUI

V2 | November 2018:

  • Added in sensitivity settings which can be saved in indicator file
  • Added pullback support/resistance scanner
  • Added overlap support/resistance scanner

V1 | March 2018:

  • Created the TFA Support and Resistance Indicator