The free version of the Ultimate Trade Manager allows you to use it unrestricted on 3 of the most popular currency pairs: AUDUSD, USDJPY and GBPUSD. If you find it useful, please support The Forex Army by getting the Full Version.


The Ultimate Trade Manager is a community project where through constant feedback, we’re constantly improving it. It’s a tough project and has came a long way since it first started – but our effort has paid off in turning this into what is undoubtedly the most powerful MT4 Trade Manager to date.

V11 | July 2020:

  • Added in ability to extend Stop Loss (SL) line beyond entry (for opened positions) to manually trail price.
  • Added in ability to minimize entire panel to reduce space taken up on screen.
  • Fixed trailing stop loss methods.
  • Added in 1 more partial profit (total 3 partial profits now including final profit target)
  • Added in Breakeven offset (allowing you to move your SL +X pips above entry)

V10 | March 2020:

  • Fixed news tracking using Forex Factory API
  • Fixed bugs when clicking “X” to close bars
  • Performance (speed) improvements
  • Added in “Cancel Trade” feature to remove pending orders when price goes too far away
  • Added in risk calculation for Indices, Gold, Silver, Oil, BTCUSD (and other crypto)

V7 to V9 (Rapid testing) | November 2019:

  • Changed risk calculation sequence when adjusting Stop Loss (SL)
  • Fixed problem with Partial Profit (PP) not being triggered
  • Fixed problem with Breakeven not moving Stop Loss (SL) to Entry
  • Added in “Idea Invalidation” to move Take Profit (TP) to Entry

V6 | April 2019

  • Added in chandelier trailing stop loss (TSL)
  • Added in Parabolic SAR trailing stop loss (TSL)
  • Added in ATR trailing stop loss (TSL)

V2 to V5 (Rapid testing) | January 2018:

  • Fixed lot size risk allocation bug when Stop Loss (SL) line is moved for opened orders and pending orders.
  • Fixed Take Profit bug

V1 | November 2017:

  • MT4 Ultimate Trade Manager built