Our free forex signals software works directly on MT4, displaying all our live forex signals in a neat table where you can choose to copy with a click (and even auto trade). Your forex signals comes from our proprietary software developed by an award-winning institutional research team that runs the analysis divisions of 14+ forex brokers and advises the trading desks of the largest hedge funds.

What makes a good forex signal?

There are a few things that goes towards making a good forex signal. A good forex signal should always have:

  1. Automated taking of Forex Signals
  2. A stop loss level
    • Recommended risk based on this stop loss level
    • What is the recommended risk % for each of our signals?
  3. A take profit target
    • What is a decent risk to reward ratio
    • What is our trading signal hit rate and risk to reward ratio?
  4. Be flexible to changes in the market
  5. Proper analysis to back it up (versus plucking random numbers from the air)

What is our forex signal hit rate and risk to reward ratio?

Our strategy, mainly covers scalping and day trading strategies. We don’t like to hold positions for a long time.
  • Hit rate: 65-75%
  • Risk to reward ratio : 1:1 to 1:2.5
  • Assets traded: Mainly Forex
  • Spread sensitivity: High (this means having a low spread account is important).
  • Average length of each trade: from 1 hour (scalping setups) to 15 hours (day trading setups)

Automated Forex Signals

One of the most irritating things is to see a forex signal notification pop-up while you’re having dinner or while you’re playing with your kids. You then need to pull out your MT4 mobile (or whatever platform you’re using) and enter the signal – usually done in a rush and trying to figure out what lot size you should be using.

To solve this, we have created a function in our Forex Signal EA that works on MetaTrader 4 (MT4) which you can install directly on your MT4 terminal and it will automatically help input the signals for you based on the criteria you have stated.

Free Forex Signal Table
The TFA MT4 Signal table tracks the position of our trading algorithms directly within MT4
The Forex Signal Table displays all the ideas in a neat table on MT4. In this picture, we can see the auto trading functionality it has.

One of the key things to take note of when using the auto trade feature of our MT4 Forex Signals EA (expert advisor) is that it needs to be left running on a computer. So preferably you could have it on a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Customize the asset classes as you wish.

In our MT4 Free Forex Signals EA, you are able to select which category of assets you would like to follow.

You can select and unselect which asset classes of signals you would like to view.

On the left, you can see there are various signals that are generated belonging to these categories:


You can select which you prefer to view and which you prefer to auto trade. For now, we are only sending signals to “FOREX”.

Free Forex Signals - Customize the asset classes you would like to see.
Customize the asset classes you would like to see. (For now, we only have Forex)

Customize the quality of signals as you wish.

Every forex signal has a quality rating attached to it. From 1-5 stars.
We allow you to customize the quality of signals you wish to autotrade based on a star ranking system. You are able to pick 1-5 stars with 5 stars being the highest quality signals you can find.

Now, we have a lot more 1-3 star signals compared to 4-5 star signals. But of course, our 4-5 star signals are usually more accurate and earn more money than our 1-3 star signals.

So try to strike a balance when you are choosing to customize the quality of signals you wish to autotrade.

Free Forex Signals - Easily filter the quality of signals you are viewing
Easily filter the quality of signals you are viewing

Customize the risk allocation for each forex signal you wish to autotrade

Customize the risk allocation of the free forex signals
Customize your risk allocation for the forex signals

This picture shows you how to adjust your risk allocation and forex signal quality for auto trading our forex signals.

The last thing you would want to do is to adjust the risk allocation for each trading signal that you autotrade. Sometimes you might choose to allocate a default risk % per trade and sometimes you might choose to allocate a default lot size. All of this is automatically calculated by the EA for you when you place a trade.

Our preference is that you let the Forex Signal EA decide for you based on how nice a set up is. In order to do this, the preferred risk allocation method is “Multiplier”. A Multiplier of “1” would allow your signal to copy the risk allocation of the software exactly as it is.

A good time to use “equity %” as your risk allocation is if you notice the EA is providing a too high risk for your comfort and you prefer to keep everything default at a certain %.

Stop Loss Level

If a trading signal does not have a stop loss level, that is incredibly dangerous as you could wipe out your entire account if the market goes against you. 

In our Forex Signal app (created for MT4), you can see that there is always a stop loss and take profit level.

Stop Loss level on our forex signal table
Stop Loss level on our forex signal table

The red vs green areas in our progress bar denote the risk to reward of our signal. The less red vs green means the better the risk to reward.

Recommended risk based on this stop loss level

Now that we know that there is a stop loss level in place, that helps us know how much of our account to risk based on this stop loss level.

Not all forex trading signals are equal. Some may be premium forex signals and some could just meet the bare minimum requirements to constitute a trading signal.

To be able to accurately categorize this, we have split our forex signals into 1 – 5 star signals. This lets you know how accurate the forex signals are and their quality (hence their likelihood of hitting the profit target). Some forex signals are really good (they meet 5 out of 5 requirements) but some might just meet the bare basic requirements (eg. 3 out of 5 requirements). Depending on this, the EA will adjust their quality.

What is the recommended risk % for each of our forex signals?

The beauty of our MT4 Forex Trading Signals app is that the software actually computes a recommended risk % built directly into each trading signal.

If you look at the table below, you can see that for each signal, there is a risk % that is filled in already based on all the factors considered before taking the trade.

How this is decided is purely based on the quality of the signal. The better a signal is – the more we should allocate to it, right? 🙂

Quality of forex signal and risk allocation
Quality of forex signal and risk allocation
The quality of a signal (1-5 stars) and the risk allocation of account go hand-in-hand.

Usually, this is how it looks like when it comes to determining the risk allocation for trading signals.

  • 1 Star Forex Signal = 0.25% of account equity
  • 2 Star Forex Signal = 0.5% of account equity
  • 3 Star Forex Signal = 1% of account equity
  • 4 Star Forex Signal = 1.5% of account equity
  • 5 Star Forex Signal = 2.0% of account equity

We try not to risk more than 2% of an account on a single trade because for any strategy to work, we need the law of large numbers to be on our side.

Take Profit Target

Now that we know how much we wish to risk on a particular trade based on the stop loss level, the next thing we need to do is determine where our take profit target it.

An important thing to take note of when setting your take profit target is to know what your risk to reward is.

What is a decent risk to reward ratio?

For example, if your:

  • Stop loss = 10 pips
  • Take profit = 10 pips
  • Final Risk to Reward ratio is 1:1

Assuming you have a hit rate of 50%, this would ultimately lead you to not making much money over the long run (in fact you might lose more money from commissions).

Assuming our hit rate is the same 50%, but our take profit is adjusted:

  • Stop loss = 10 pips
  • Take profit = 20 pips
  • Final Risk to Reward ratio is 2:1

With this strategy, even though you win only 50% of your trading signals, you would still be a profitable trader.

Risk to reward ratio for our free forex signals
Use the real-time progress bar to track the risk to reward ratio of our forex signals.
This image shows that risk to reward ratio (red vs green) for our free forex signals.

Now that you have a proper understanding that your risk to reward ratio + your hit rate affects how profitable you are, we take a quick look at our trading signals and their expected hit rate and risk to reward ratio.

Is there a particular broker you recommend?

Recommended Broker: Vantage FX

We our softwares uses Vantage FX to generate all ideas so if you want to get the best peformance, it is recommended you use Vantage FX.

We have many scalping trades (tight stop loss and tight take profit) so an ECN account is recommended.

Installation Instructions

Step 1

Once you’ve received your setup file, launch your MT4.

Follow the instructions below & place the setup file in the correct folder:

Go to file > open data folder > MQL4 > Experts (paste the TFA Signal Table.ex4 file into this folder)

How to install the MT4 Support and resistance indicator
Step 2

With the new folder opened, you have to navigate to MQL4 > Experts > Paste the TFA Signal Table.ex4 file into this folder

Once done, restart your MT4.

Step 3

The next thing you have to do is to enable your MT4 to allow expert advisors. On the top of your MT4, there is a button called “AutoTrading”. Ensure that it is green and not red by clicking on it.

How to install the MT4 Support and resistance indicator part 3
Step 4

After that, you would need to go to tools > options > Expert Advisors and ensure that the 2 boxes shown in the picture are “checked”

How to install the MT4 Support and resistance indicator part 4
Step 3

Double click the TFA Signal Table Expert Advisor (EA) in your MT4. Be sure to change the “Suffix” or “Prefix” to what your brokerage is using.

Settings for the TFA Signal Table
Settings for the TFA Signal Table

If your broker has currency symbols like EURUSD.ecn then your suffix needs to be .ecn

Suffix Example:

  • EURUSD.ecn = .ecn
  • EURUSD. = .
  • EURUSDpro = pro
  • EURUSD+ = +

Prefix Example:

  • proEURUSD = pro
  • powerEURUSD = power
  • .EURUSD = .

Read the disclaimer and click “Yes” to load the table. Disclaimer is there because we need to warn you that we’re not responsible or liable for any losses you incur while using this program 🙂 

Disclaimer for the Free Forex Signals Table

How Do I Unlock The Full Version?

The TFA MT4 Signal Table will allow you to see 1-3 star signals. To unlock 4-5 star signals and capability to autotrade, you will need to get the Full Version.

Here is the breakdown of the differences between the free, basic and full version:

What You'll Get Free Version Basic Version Full Version
Minimum Funding
Not Needed
1-3 Star Signals
4-5 Star Signals
Auto Input Trade
1-3 Star Signals
1-5 Star Signals